What happens if no one changes?


SECTION 1: Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport


Images by Robert Mapplethorpe



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Readings: Introduction, Originalism the Lesser Evil, I am Tired of Being Labelled, Miller v. California and Robert Mapplethorpe, Scott v. Sandford, In Reflection.


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Reading: Scott v. Sandford

SECTION 2: Civic Agency Must Be Realized through a Confrontation of Identity with a Moving Law and Society


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Readings: Consider reading Clash of Civilizations first.


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Readings: Clash of the Civilizations, Quest for Legal Sovereignty, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Law, Society & Justice with D+CPAR, Politics of Land Reform.















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Readings: Brown v. Board Doll Studies, Power of Self-Definition, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, The Modern Clerkship: Ginsberg, InThose Years






































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