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Page 8

1. How does the process of labeling help explain the difficulties people have in expressing their interpretation of constitutional rights?



2. How do you think Robert Mapplethorpe re-formed his civic identity when he was accused of producing criminally obscene photographic art?



3. What expectations do you have of the Supreme Court to safeguard your constitutional rights?







In reflection:

When Dred Scott and other freed slaves were told they could not become citizens what identity or identities do you imagine they embraced to integrate into a changing society?


Page 13

1.  What groups do you belong to?

2. What groups might be able to help your practice your civic agency?


Page 44

1.  Are landowners motivated purely by inhuman drives for wealth and power?

2. Are peasants ill adapted for the social world where power and wealth reside?

3. Can a government structure, whether on paper like a constitution or in the daily habits and practices of residents, really cause or prevent violence between these two groups?


In Reflection: What skills do you have?


Page 63

1.  What is an example of an injustice in your own life, or someone your know and care about?

2. What is an injustice in your community?

3. What is an injustice in the country?


Page 130

How can you keep the dialogue going?