1. Assessment moves from the end of the semester to the first day: getting to know you survey and college readiness diagnostic.
  2. Motivation and Culture. Unorthodox relationships for change.
  3. Goal (assessment) of individual progression within agreed upon framework.
  4. Captures of Democracy (Conflict, Climate Change, Health, Human Rights). Build inquisitiveness, look around, with structured learning opportunities clearly defined choices.
  5. Identity (Signal – visual direction/sound). What I see, what they want, and documenting the praxis and self reflection. the 3×5. ┬áBeing confused and complicated is good for learning.
  6. Agency (info available, identity & connect partners to solve)
  7. Consequence as responsive choice, give and take, sharing as the goal (getting closer to the goal, diverting from the goal) and Dewey’s miseducative environment.
  8. Advocacy: philanthropic change, misanthropic habituation; reflection and what action looks like.
  9. Cycle of Assessment: Observable and sharing throughout development process. Action Research template.
  10. Our Sharing: SLO, Templates, Rubrics, Student Development Assessments.
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